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Marcel's Tanning Salons

At Marcel's Tanning Salons, we use only Ultrabronz 818 U.V.A High Pressure Tanning beds, with 18 full facials and 6 times the power of a conventional U.V.B. tanning bed.  This bed emits only 1/10 of 1% U.V.B or burning rays,  so there is no burning and  your tan lasts 4 times longer on our beds. That means you tan a lot less,  tan just 3 times within 10 days, then just 2-3 times a month, or once a week to maintain your tan,  depending on your skin type and depending on how much color you would like to carry.  Marcel's has also made tanning easier. " NO MEMBERSHIP FEE" or contracts and packages can be bought and shared between family and friends.