The new faster high-pressure beds have evolved from the demands of the salon owners, and here is a little more insight: ​

• The salon owners were not accustomed to a 30-minute session. They wanted a faster bed so they could pay for this $32,000 piece of equipment in a shorter time span. Since the salon owners were the ones the manufacturers had to satisfy, not the tanning customer, the manufacturers developed beds that were not as powerful by cutting the heat, wear, and tear on the beds. Also, along with these new high-pressure beds came more U.V.B. The FDA stepped in and said the more U.V.B. exposure meant the less the session time, but in turn sacrificing the tanning customer because absorbing more U.V.B. causes your top layer of skin to burn and rapidly exfoliate. 

• To further try and simplify the beds performance and maintenance, the manufacturers took away the isolation transformer to adjust the bulbs, again at the expense of the tanning customer. On the new U.V.A. high-pressure tanning beds, the bulbs weaken with every session, and there is no way to recoup the loss - just like in standard U.V.B. acrylic beds. 

The Ultrabronz Advantage 

The Ultrabronz 818 U.V.A. high-pressure bed has an isolation transformer (a large electrical piece of equipment) and can be adjusted 5 times over an 800 to 1000 hour bulb life to keep bulbs at 100% efficiency. Bulb readings are taken, and we can put 10 more volts, 5 separate times, into the bed's power supply to keep bulbs like new. You get what you pay for every time you tan! 

The fact is all other U.V.A. high-pressure beds and all standard acrylic U.V.B. beds give you less power from the bulbs and less tan every time you lay on a bed. That is why Marcel's Tanning Salons buys Ultrabronz 818 high-pressure beds, if there was a better tanning machine or system available for our tanning customers we would already have it! 
As a salon owner, there is an easier way to run a tanning business and an easier way to make money in this business; it is called being a follower. I would rather be a leader. 

Daniel J. Christopherson
President, Marcel's Tanning Salons 

Why Marcel's buys Ultrabronz 818 U.V.A. high-pressure beds vs. any other U.V.A. high-pressure bed.

When the Ultrabronz 818 high-pressure tanning beds were introduced, they became the perfect tanning machine! The competition that is out there is inferior - even the new high-pressure beds do not measure up to the Ultrabronz 818 U.V.A. high-pressure bed! 

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