Ultrabronz Tanning Beds

& Stand-Up Units

Ultrabronz Tanning Beds have the lights in the canopy only. You lay on a 6 inch vinyl covered foam mattress for comfort. You tan 15 minutes on one side and then turn over and tan 15 minutes on the other. 

The Ultrabronz Tanning Bed emits only 1/10 of 1% U.V.B so there is, NO BURNING.  Because of limited U.V.B. or burning rays you keep the natural exfoliation of your skin at 28 days so you keep your tan 4 times longer than a conventional tanning bed.
Ultrabronz is a 30 minute bed, the less U.V.B that emanates from a tanning bed the longer you can tan in it, 30 is the maximum tanning time in the industry.

When tanning on an Ultrabronz Tanning bed the bulbs are always like new. Light readings are taken on a weekly basis and the power to the bulb can be adjusted at the electrical transformer 5 separate times over the life time of the bulb to gain peak performance, so you get your monies worth every time you tan.

With conventional U.V.B. tanning beds the lamps lose 30% of their efficiency in the first 250 hours of use, and there is no way to re coupe that loss.  So with conventional beds you get less and less each time you tan until the bulbs are replaced.
Conventional U.V.B. tanning beds emit 3% to 9.9% U.V.B or burning rays or 30 to 99 time more burning rays than Ultrabronz Tanning Bed. With that much U.V.B or burning ray your skin is at risk of burning and your skin is dried and fried and becomes brittle and exfoliates every 7 days, so you are constantly re tanning.

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